Technical Support

Technical Support

        As a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise, Shanghai Xianggang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., always the product and process research and development, innovation for the operation of customer service, to provide technical support for the primary work. Through the new R & D project investment and implementation, led the company to improve the overall level of technology, and new projects, new research and development of technological achievements to actively transform. To provide customers from the design, structural design, process research and development, printing and packaging, such as all-round, multi-level technical support.

        The company has focused on R & D projects, and actively participate in technology research and development, take the initiative to use the new technology of a good atmosphere, has project, a number of new technology research and development projects, to provide customers with product packaging overall solution and product technology research and development.

       Shanghai Xiang Hong Kong Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., in the process of providing technical support to customers, to achieve the customer's product sales and the company's printing and packaging business of double growth, to achieve a win-win situation with customers.

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