R & D creative center

R & D creative center

        Xiang Hong Kong to establish creative design center, with professional planning, design and technical personnel, to provide planning, design, photography services and packaging structure, timber and process ideas and other services; and to assist customers in market research, product development and marketing integration.

        The company has a young R & D team, and institutions of higher learning, as well as supplier R & D team, together to build a combination of production and research and development system. To undertake the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission of the packaging and printing research projects, now has dozens of patents.

        For many years to participate in Hong Kong printing and packaging exhibition, as well as the Shanghai All India Exhibition, drawing on domestic and foreign printing peer advanced management, new packaging design experience, innovation and launch to meet customer and market needs of the new packaging, innovative design, cutting-edge new technology , And R & D innovation and customer experience to share, regularly implement technology and technical exchanges, to showcase the latest R & D results, leading the new trend of printing and packaging.

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