Integrated services

"Customer first, integrity-based, quality first" is the company has always uphold the purpose of serving!

The company is willing to the broad masses of old and new customers dedicated to provide quality services, to carry out comprehensive cooperation and jointly create a win-win situation for the company and customers a win-win future!

Xiang Hong Kong Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of pre-press design, production, printing, Postpress as one of the integrated professional printing company.

Xiang Hong Kong technology competition and service advantages:

        In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, Xiang Hong Kong technology in the management, marketing, cost control and other aspects of continuous improvement and upgrading, and gradually improve the competitive advantage, with global service capabilities and level:

 1. Professional sales team, providing all-round, high quality and fast service:

        Company by the customer, sub-brand equipped with sales, customer service and technical staff composed of professional services team, from product technology development, packaging design, printing production to the logistics and distribution of all-round, integrated printing and packaging solutions; and from the reception Customer procurement intention to provide physical samples of 3 working days of fast service; customer focus on product development, marketing promotion to promote the order of the printing and packaging services, Xiang Hong Kong technology can be achieved 24 hours to send samples, three days of delivery of quality service. To shorten the market response time, improve customer service fast feedback and service quality.

2. The whole process of quality control, system security Product quality:

        The company has perfect ISO9001 quality management system, run the effective BRC-IOP global food packaging safety standard system, set the effective CCP / CQP key control point in the whole process of product production, combine the line detection of machinery and equipment with IPQC sampling test , In the whole process of product quality control, so that system security.

3. Perfect logistics support system, providing all-weather, real-time delivery service:

        Professional sales customer team, every day to follow up the updated customer supply needs, and according to customer plans to plan production, stocking. The company with a number of international logistics, and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone warehousing enterprises, built a perfect set of counters, customs, warehousing, logistics and other systems, timely and effective transport, logistics deployment, to ensure that each single goods are required by order , Quality and quantity, on time delivery.

4. Integrated upstream supply chain, optimized cost control:

       Centralized procurement and annual procurement bargaining combined supply chain model, instead of through the agent of the supply model, from the base paper manufacturers to obtain better service and purchase unit price. Through the integration of upstream suppliers, fundamentally reduce procurement costs, to optimize the internal cost control to lay a solid foundation.

       With the customer every half of the assessment and review of a cost, to ensure that the product does not change the premise of packaging products, with the customer R & D team to develop new packaging, alternative materials, use the most economical paper and printing process, in response to national reduction packaging requirements.

       Cost control is one of the important tasks of manufacturing. Manufacturing sector around the "quality control standardization, production equipment automation, management data information" to carry out cost control work, reduce staff efficiency, reduce scrap rate.

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